Shining a Light on Exemplary Christian Books

Congratulations to Our 2023 Medalists!

1. Bible Study

GOLD: The Creation Care Bible Challenge by Marek P. Zabriskie (Forward Movement)








SILVER: New Testament Women in the Bible for Progressive Christians - Volume 1: Six Session Study Guide by Donald Schmidt (Wood Lake Publishing)







BRONZE (tie): Struggle with God and Overcome by William Lam (Wipf & Stock)








The Way of the Shepherd by Donna E. Lane, PhD (Bear’s Place Publishing)





2. Christian Living

GOLD: Cannonball Moments by Eric A. Clayton (Loyola Press)








SILVER (tie): Alphabet of Faith by Sara Jewell (Wood Lake Publishing)








Love Is by Kim Sorrelle (Kregel Publications)








BRONZE: Destination Hope by Marilyn Nutter and April White (Ambassador International)








3. Devotional

GOLD: Just Rest by Melanie Redd (End Game Press)








SILVER (tie): 100 Devotions for Kids Dealing with Anxiety by Justine Froelker (ZonderKidz)








Face to the Rising Sun by Mark Bozzuti-Jones








BRONZE: The Mother and Son Prayer Journal by Christie Thomas (Ulysses Press)







4. Theology

GOLD: Fight Like Jesus by Jason Porterfield (Herald Press)








SILVER: The Unjust Steward: Wealth, Poverty, and the Church Today by Miguel Escobar (Forward Movement)








BRONZE (tie): My Dear Far-Nearness by Robert A. Jonas (Orbis Books)








The Great Lie by Pierce Taylor Hibbs (Self-Published)  








5. Ministry/Mission

GOLD: Discerning Welcome by Ellen Clark Clemot (Cascade Books)








SILVER: The Calling by Dr. Chris Chen and Dr. Gordon Chen (Forefront Books)








BRONZE: Because of You, I Lost Everything! by Rev. Jim H. Darnell, Jr. (Self-Published)






GOLD: The Freedom of Missing Out by Michael Rossmann, SJ (Loyola Press)








SILVER: Sketches from a Sunlit Heaven by Sarah Law (Wipf & Stock)








BRONZE: Mass Confusion by Susan R. Dolan (Berry Tree Press)








7. Family/Parenting

GOLD: Fruit Full by Christie Thomas (Kregel Publications)








SILVER: The Pursuit of Marriage Oneness by Dr. H. Irving Wilson (Xulon Press)








BRONZE: Raising Kids for Tomorrow’s World by Stan & Cheryl Schuermann (Pen It! Publications)








8. Education

GOLD: The Very Best Story Ever Told by Robin Currie; illustrated by David Kurtz Williams (Beaming Books)






SILVER: A Whole Bunch of Values by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos (Loyola Press)






BRONZE (tie): Pentawhadda! by Lynn Calvin Plater (Westbow Press)






Seven Clues by Scott Hahn & Maura Roan McKeegan (Loyola Press)






9. Spirituality

GOLD: Braving the Thin Places by Julianne Stanz (Loyola Press)








SILVER: Seek and You Will Find by Rhonda Mawhood Lee (Forward Movement)








BRONZE: Let Your Heartbreak Be Your Guide by Adam Bucko (Orbis Books)







10. Illness/Death/Dying

GOLD (tie): After the Flowers Die by Renee Leonard Kennedy (End Game Press)






Rise Up, Little Bluebirds by Kristy Boike & Kathryn Inkson (Wise Ink)






SILVER: Praying Through Pain by Barbara Lee (Loyola Press)








BRONZE: Over Rainbow Bridge by Karen Nicksich; illustrated by Helen (Self-Published)







11. Self-Help

GOLD: Beyond the Parentheses by Susan Ford (Author Academy Elite)








SILVER: Aimless: A Journey to Constructive Masculinity by John D'Agostini (Wise Ink)








BRONZE: Leadership with a Servant’s Heart by Kevin Wayne Johnson (Writing for the Lord Ministries)








12. Biography/Memoir- Inspiration

GOLD (tie): Pedro Arrupe by Brian Grogan, SJ (Loyola Press)








Beloved: Being Gay and Christian by Donald Schmidt (Wood Lake Publishing)








SILVER: Dearest Sister Wendy… by Sister Wendy Beckett and Robert Ellsberg (Orbis Books)








BRONZE: Return to Leipzig: Letters of War and Care by Maria Ritter (Partner Press)








13. Biography/Memoir- Personal Struggle

GOLD: Everybody Just Breathe by Amanda V. Peterson (Beaver’s Pond Press)








SILVER: No Tears for Dad by Pete Cruz (Redemption Press)








BRONZE: Every Road Goes Somewhere by Wendy Widder (Three Rubies Press)








14. Holiday

GOLD: Silent Night illustrated by Elena Selivanova (Loyola Press)







SILVER: The Mouse in the Manger by Eric & Meredith Schrotenboer (Fresh Wind Studios)






BRONZE: Bunny Finds Easter by Laura Sassi; illustrated by Ela Jarzabek (ZonderKidz)




15. Children’s Picture Book

GOLD (tie): The Youngest Disciple by Eric & Meredith Schrotenboer (Fresh Wind Studios)






Sorin Starts a School by Paul Mitchell; illustrated by Katie Broussard (Corde Press)






SILVER: Fly High: Understanding Grief with God’s Help by Michelle Medlock Adams and Janet K. Johnson; illustrated by Beth Snider 




BRONZE: Our God is Bigger Than That! by Michelle Medlock Adams and Eva Marie Everson; illustrated by Anna Jones (End Game Press)





16. Juvenile/Young Adult Fiction

GOLD: The Merchant’s Curse by Antony Barone Kolenc (Loyola Press)








SILVER: Inside the Ten-Foot Line by Lori Z. Scott (End Game Press)








BRONZE: Aivan: The One Truth by Kayla E. Green (Ambassador International)








17. General Fiction

GOLD: The Unhiding of Elijah Campbell by Kelly Flanagan (Intervarsity Press)








SILVER (tie): Never a Mere Mortal by Devon Dial (Self-Published)








The Choices She Made by Felicia Ferguson (End Game Press)








BRONZE: In the Shadow of Humanity by N. John Williams (Self-Published)








18. Romance Fiction

GOLD: Byway to Danger: Book 3 of Spies of the Civil War by Sandra Merville Hart (Wild Heart Books)








SILVER (tie): Her Secret Desire by Laurie Larsen (Random Moon Books)








Love Reunited by Tara Taffera (Forget Me Not Publishing)








BRONZE: Blue by You by Larry B. Gildersleeve (Book Locker)








19. Mystery/Thriller

GOLD: Once To Die by T.S. Epperson (Multivalent Press)








SILVER (tie): The Apocalypse Game by DC Smith (oaksmith ventures, inc.)








The Snare by Charles Besondy (Besondy Publishing LLC)








BRONZE: Laser Trap by Frank DiBianca (Iron Stream Fiction) 







20. Keepsake/Gift/Specialty Bible

GOLD: Forgive Everyone Everything by Gregory Boyle (Loyola Press)






SILVER (tie): Anxiety Elephants for Tween Girls by Caris Snider (End Game Press)








Anxiety Elephants for Tween Boys by Caris Snider (End Game Press)








BRONZE: Bedtime with Daddy by Nancy I. Sanders; illustrated by Felia Hanakata (End Game Kidz)






21. Poetry

GOLD: Begin with a Question by Marjorie Maddox (Iron Pen, an imprint of Paraclete Press)








SILVER: Love in the Time of Covid by Anna Cates (Resource Publications)








BRONZE: Along Unfamiliar Paths by Austin L. Scott (Resource Publications)






22. Digital Media

GOLD: The Jesuit: Finding God in All Things edited by Desmond Francis Xavier Kon (Zhicheng-Mingdé) & Eric Francis Tinsay Valles (Squircle Line Press)







SILVER (tie): Do You Know the One? by Michelle Bentley; illustrated by Louise Hargreaves; narrated by John Bentley; produced by Asha Imno and Noah Bentley (WestBow Press)





Angelic Wars by Rick E. Norris (Luminaire Press)








BRONZE: Cherishable: An Illuminating Guide for Caregivers and Patients by Julie J. Wylie (Pond Reads Press)





L1. Christian Thought

GOLD: Radical Grace by Laurel Appel (Appel Creations Publishing)








SILVER: You’re Invited to the Table by Lisa Wilt (Rx for the Soulful Heart Press)








BRONZE: Unearned Grief by Kevin Gerard Ellison, Sr. (Executive Business Writing)







L2. Devotional

GOLD: Dinosaur Devotions by Michelle Medlock Adams; illustrated by Denise Turu (Tommy Nelson)







SILVER: Springtime for Your Spirit by Michelle Medlock Adams & Andy Clapp (Good Books)






BRONZE: In the Eye of the Storm by Andy Clapp (End Game Press)






L3. Inspirational

GOLD: The Homeboy Way by Thomas Vozzo (Loyola Press)






SILVER: Bridge of Miracles by Heidi Tucker (Redstone Media)








BRONZE: Spilt Milk by Jan Hemby (Blue Ink Press)





L4. Christian Fiction

GOLD (tie): Peyton's Promise by Susan G Mathis (Iron Stream Fiction)








Praesidium by McKinley Aspen (Muse Literary)








SILVER: The Chase by Mario Busacca and Hoyt A. Byrum (koehlerbooks)








BRONZE: Children of Slate by Thom Brucie (enroute) 








L5. Christian Children’s Book

GOLD: The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones; illustrated by Jago (ZonderKidz)






SILVER (tie): Who God Wants Me to Be by Crystal Bowman and Michelle S. Lazurek; illustrated by Sandra Eide (Waterbrook)





Bethlehem Barn by Debra Westgate-Silva; illustrated by Marcin Piwowarski (Stillwater River Publications)







BRONZE: My Dear Little One by Al Carraway; illustrated by Anastasiia Hryvtsova (Cedar Fort)