Shining a Light on Exemplary Christian Books

Congratulations to Our 2023 Medalists!

1. Bible Study


The Creation Care Bible Challenge

by Marek P. Zabriskie

(Forward Movement)








New Testament Women in the Bible for Progressive Christians - Volume 1: Six Session Study Guide

by Donald Schmidt

(Wood Lake Publishing)







Struggle with God and Overcome

by William Lam

(Wipf & Stock)








The Way of the Shepherd

by Donna E. Lane, PhD

(Bear’s Place Publishing)





2. Christian Living


Cannonball Moments

by Eric A. Clayton

(Loyola Press)







SILVER (tie)

Alphabet of Faith

by Sara Jewell

(Wood Lake Publishing)








Love Is

by Kim Sorrelle

(Kregel Publications)








Destination Hope

by Marilyn Nutter and April White

(Ambassador International)








3. Devotional


Just Rest

by Melanie Redd

(End Game Press)







SILVER (tie)

100 Devotions for Kids Dealing with Anxiety

by Justine Froelker









Face to the Rising Sun

by Mark Bozzuti-Jones

(Forward Movement)








The Mother and Son Prayer Journal

by Christie Thomas

(Ulysses Press)







4. Theology


Fight Like Jesus

by Jason Porterfield

(Herald Press)







The Unjust Steward: Wealth, Poverty, and the Church Today

by Miguel Escobar

(Forward Movement)







My Dear Far-Nearness

by Robert A. Jonas

(Orbis Books)








The Great Lie

by Pierce Taylor Hibbs









5. Ministry/Mission


Discerning Welcome

by Ellen Clark Clemot

(Cascade Books)








The Calling

by Dr. Chris Chen and Dr. Gordon Chen

(Forefront Books)








Because of You, I Lost Everything!

by Rev. Jim H. Darnell, Jr.







GOLD: The Freedom of Missing Out by Michael Rossmann, SJ (Loyola Press)








SILVER: Sketches from a Sunlit Heaven by Sarah Law (Wipf & Stock)








BRONZE: Mass Confusion by Susan R. Dolan (Berry Tree Press)








7. Family/Parenting

GOLD: Fruit Full by Christie Thomas (Kregel Publications)








SILVER: The Pursuit of Marriage Oneness by Dr. H. Irving Wilson (Xulon Press)








BRONZE: Raising Kids for Tomorrow’s World by Stan & Cheryl Schuermann (Pen It! Publications)








8. Education

GOLD: The Very Best Story Ever Told by Robin Currie; illustrated by David Kurtz Williams (Beaming Books)






SILVER: A Whole Bunch of Values by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos (Loyola Press)






BRONZE (tie): Pentawhadda! by Lynn Calvin Plater (Westbow Press)






Seven Clues by Scott Hahn & Maura Roan McKeegan (Loyola Press)






9. Spirituality

GOLD: Braving the Thin Places by Julianne Stanz (Loyola Press)








SILVER: Seek and You Will Find by Rhonda Mawhood Lee (Forward Movement)








BRONZE: Let Your Heartbreak Be Your Guide by Adam Bucko (Orbis Books)







10. Illness/Death/Dying

GOLD (tie): After the Flowers Die by Renee Leonard Kennedy (End Game Press)






Rise Up, Little Bluebirds by Kristy Boike & Kathryn Inkson (Wise Ink)






SILVER: Praying Through Pain by Barbara Lee (Loyola Press)








BRONZE: Over Rainbow Bridge by Karen Nicksich; illustrated by Helen (Self-Published)







11. Self-Help

GOLD: Beyond the Parentheses by Susan Ford (Author Academy Elite)








SILVER: Aimless: A Journey to Constructive Masculinity by John D'Agostini (Wise Ink)








BRONZE: Leadership with a Servant’s Heart by Kevin Wayne Johnson (Writing for the Lord Ministries)








12. Biography/Memoir- Inspiration

GOLD (tie): Pedro Arrupe by Brian Grogan, SJ (Loyola Press)








Beloved: Being Gay and Christian by Donald Schmidt (Wood Lake Publishing)








SILVER: Dearest Sister Wendy… by Sister Wendy Beckett and Robert Ellsberg (Orbis Books)








BRONZE: Return to Leipzig: Letters of War and Care by Maria Ritter (Partner Press)








13. Biography/Memoir- Personal Struggle

GOLD: Everybody Just Breathe by Amanda V. Peterson (Beaver’s Pond Press)








SILVER: No Tears for Dad by Pete Cruz (Redemption Press)








BRONZE: Every Road Goes Somewhere by Wendy Widder (Three Rubies Press)








14. Holiday

GOLD: Silent Night illustrated by Elena Selivanova (Loyola Press)







SILVER: The Mouse in the Manger by Eric & Meredith Schrotenboer (Fresh Wind Studios)






BRONZE: Bunny Finds Easter by Laura Sassi; illustrated by Ela Jarzabek (ZonderKidz)




15. Children’s Picture Book

GOLD (tie): The Youngest Disciple by Eric & Meredith Schrotenboer (Fresh Wind Studios)






Sorin Starts a School by Paul Mitchell; illustrated by Katie Broussard (Corde Press)






SILVER: Fly High: Understanding Grief with God’s Help by Michelle Medlock Adams and Janet K. Johnson; illustrated by Beth Snider 




BRONZE: Our God is Bigger Than That! by Michelle Medlock Adams and Eva Marie Everson; illustrated by Anna Jones (End Game Press)





16. Juvenile/Young Adult Fiction

GOLD: The Merchant’s Curse by Antony Barone Kolenc (Loyola Press)








SILVER: Inside the Ten-Foot Line by Lori Z. Scott (End Game Press)








BRONZE: Aivan: The One Truth by Kayla E. Green (Ambassador International)








17. General Fiction

GOLD: The Unhiding of Elijah Campbell by Kelly Flanagan (Intervarsity Press)








SILVER (tie): Never a Mere Mortal by Devon Dial (Self-Published)








The Choices She Made by Felicia Ferguson (End Game Press)








BRONZE: In the Shadow of Humanity by N. John Williams (Self-Published)








18. Romance Fiction

GOLD: Byway to Danger: Book 3 of Spies of the Civil War by Sandra Merville Hart (Wild Heart Books)








SILVER (tie): Her Secret Desire by Laurie Larsen (Random Moon Books)








Love Reunited by Tara Taffera (Winged Publications)








BRONZE: Blue by You by Larry B. Gildersleeve (Book Locker)








19. Mystery/Thriller

GOLD: Once To Die by T.S. Epperson (Multivalent Press)








SILVER (tie): The Apocalypse Game by DC Smith (oaksmith ventures, inc.)








The Snare by Charles Besondy (Besondy Publishing LLC)








BRONZE: Laser Trap by Frank DiBianca (Iron Stream Fiction) 







20. Keepsake/Gift/Specialty Bible

GOLD: Forgive Everyone Everything by Gregory Boyle (Loyola Press)






SILVER (tie): Anxiety Elephants for Tween Girls by Caris Snider (End Game Press)








Anxiety Elephants for Tween Boys by Caris Snider (End Game Press)








BRONZE: Bedtime with Daddy by Nancy I. Sanders; illustrated by Felia Hanakata (End Game Kidz)






21. Poetry

GOLD: Begin with a Question by Marjorie Maddox (Iron Pen, an imprint of Paraclete Press)








SILVER: Love in the Time of Covid by Anna Cates (Resource Publications)








BRONZE: Along Unfamiliar Paths by Austin L. Scott (Resource Publications)






22. Digital Media

GOLD: The Jesuit: Finding God in All Things edited by Desmond Francis Xavier Kon (Zhicheng-Mingdé) & Eric Francis Tinsay Valles (Squircle Line Press)







SILVER (tie): Do You Know the One? by Michelle Bentley; illustrated by Louise Hargreaves; narrated by John Bentley; produced by Asha Imno and Noah Bentley (WestBow Press)





Angelic Wars: The End of the Beginning by Rick E. Norris (Luminaire Press)








BRONZE: Cherishable: An Illuminating Guide for Caregivers and Patients by Julie J. Wylie (Pond Reads Press)





L1. Christian Thought

GOLD: Radical Grace by Laurel Appel (Appel Creations Publishing)








SILVER: You’re Invited to the Table by Lisa Wilt (Rx for the Soulful Heart Press)








BRONZE: Unearned Grief by Kevin Gerard Ellison, Sr. (Executive Business Writing)







L2. Devotional

GOLD: Dinosaur Devotions by Michelle Medlock Adams; illustrated by Denise Turu (Tommy Nelson)







SILVER: Springtime for Your Spirit by Michelle Medlock Adams & Andy Clapp (Good Books)






BRONZE: In the Eye of the Storm by Andy Clapp (End Game Press)






L3. Inspirational

GOLD: The Homeboy Way by Thomas Vozzo (Loyola Press)






SILVER: Bridge of Miracles by Heidi Tucker (Redstone Media)








BRONZE: Spilt Milk: Devotions for Imperfect People by Jan Hemby (Blue Ink Press)





L4. Christian Fiction

GOLD (tie): Peyton's Promise by Susan G Mathis (Iron Stream Fiction)








Praesidium by McKinley Aspen (Muse Literary)








SILVER: The Chase by Mario Busacca and Hoyt A. Byrum (koehlerbooks)








BRONZE: Children of Slate by Thom Brucie (EnRoute Books and Media) 








L5. Christian Children’s Book

GOLD: The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones; illustrated by Jago (ZonderKidz)






SILVER (tie): Who God Wants Me to Be by Crystal Bowman and Michelle S. Lazurek; illustrated by Sandra Eide (Waterbrook)





Bethlehem Barn by Debra Westgate-Silva; illustrated by Marcin Piwowarski (Stillwater River Publications)







BRONZE: My Dear Little One by Al Carraway; illustrated by Anastasiia Hryvtsova (Cedar Fort)