Shining a Light on Exemplary Christian Books


How Do I Enter?

Entry into the Illumination Book Awards is fast and convenient, either through our online entry site or by printable entry form. Online entry requires using a credit card and printing out entry coupon and mailing labels; use the printable mail-in entry form below to pay by check or money order in U.S. funds. Visit the online entry site here.


Who can enter?


Books that are published with a 2019, 2020, or 2021 copyright or that were released since January 1, 2019 are eligible. The contest is for published books, but ISBN is not required. Submission of galley copies is permissible if finished copies are not yet available. Publishers are to select the category or categories in which the book(s) should be judged. E-books are eligible for entry into our regular subject categories where they will be judged alongside print books, as well as eligible for our DIGITAL MEDIA category.


As most book award contests recognize only titles released during the previous calendar year or two, we’ve created the Enduring Light medals to reward exemplary Christian-themed books published since the year 2000. These medals are presented to books with enduring messages in five categories: Christian Thought, Devotional, Inspirational, Christian Fiction, and Christian Children’s Book. Entry fees are the same as in regular categories, and two judging copies are requested. Entry publication dates can go as far back as 2000, but current titles are also eligible. 



What does it cost?

Early-bird entry fee is $75 per title, per category until the first early-bird deadline on June 15, 2019, $85 during the second early-bird period on September 21, 2019, and then $95 until the final deadline on December 21, 2019. Enter one book in one category for a single entry fee; enter one book in two categories, pay two entry fees.


What do the winners receive?

Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded in each category. Each medal-winning book receives a packet including the medal, a certificate, 20 foil award seals, and awards marketing material. The award is designed as a marketing tool, so we hope the most valuable aspect of the award is in its promotional value and as a book sales stimulator.


What do I send in my entry package?

Please send two copies for each category entered. When entering a title in two categories, send four copies; entering three categories, send six copies, etc. Please include your online registration receipt or a completed entry form and check/money order in the same package as the books, preferably tucked inside the front cover. You need not send any marketing kits, reviews or any other supporting material, as our judges are not allowed to see anything but the book itself.


How are books judged?

Judging will be based on content, design, and production quality, with emphasis on innovation and creative ways of expressing a Christian worldview. Our judging panel includes experts from the fields of education, clergy, book production and bookselling. Three to five medalists per category will be named about 60 days after the final entry deadline.


How do I find out if I won?

We will confirm your entry via email and send judging updates and results announcements by email as well, so submission of a valid email address is mandatory. Please inform us of any email address changes or additional contacts you’d like added to our contest update list.


Questions? Contact Amy Shamroe — 1.800.706.4636 x1000 — or use our Contact Page.